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Five Questions with ‘Muses’ artist Nomi Chi

Helikon Gallery is honored to be working with artist Nomi Chi for the first time in this year’s ‘Muses of Mount Helikon V.’ Nomi keeps busy as a tattoo artist by day, but has also gained a massive social media following for her prolific creation of illustrations and fine art. Nomi’s work is full of […]

Ten Questions with Laura Bifano

Laura Bifano is a British Columbia-based artist featured in our current show ‘Peopled Places,’ in which her contribution to the show seems to merge the two words in the show’s title. Her piece is a gouache landscape painting titled “The Sisters,” depicting a grand mountain range in her signature geometric style, reminiscent of another Canadian […]

Five Questions with Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang, a recent graduate of the ArtCenter College of Design, is a young illustrator already becoming prolific in the Los Angeles area and the wider commercial art scene. Her work struck us for its refined beauty and simplicity– a muted palette of natural tones and a careful attention to composition are consistent across her […]

Myah Mazcara at Deep Draft Brewery

Opening tonight, Helikon Gallery presents new works by Denver-based artist Myah Mazcara at Deep Draft Brewing Company, curated by Annie Aqua.   From the curator: Myah presents over 20 new works for this show, debuting a cohesive series that has been brewing for the past several months. Her small pieces, incorporating fine pen-and-ink drawings and candy […]

Five Questions with… Tom Sarmo

‘Edition: A Group Print Show’ is currently on view in our small gallery and features a variety of print works by local artists. One of those artists is Tom Sarmo, an established name in the illustration community and constant favorite with viewers in Helikon shows. Tom talked to us about his reasons for doing art, advice for […]

Five Questions with… Wylie Beckert

Helikon is currently exhibiting two simultaneous shows: “Grimm: Visions of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales” in the main gallery, and “Strange Conversations” in the tandem Gallery 101. In conjunction with the shows, we’ve asked participating artists to answer a few questions about their art and life. We have been swooning over Maine-based illustrator Wylie Beckert’s work for […]

Women in Illustration: Violet Oakley and the “Red Rose Girls”

A continuation of our Women in Illustration series (see previous blog post here), this post will focus on a contemporary of Elenore Abbott, artist Violet Oakley (1874-1961). The two women operated in many of the same artistic communities during their lifetimes, but each left unique and inspiring legacies. Oakley was born into a family of creatives, and herself began studying at […]

Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon, and Women in Illustration: Elenore Abbott

Last weekend, one tech-savvy team spearheaded a project to correct a major gender imbalance on the internet: in the second annual massive Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, groups of editors worldwide participated in an all-day mass update of Wikipedia entries pertaining to art and women. New York’s MoMA served as the control center for this year’s event, inviting the public […]

20th century Illustration Inspiration: Moebius

Artist, cartoonist, and illustrator Jean Giraud (1938-2012) is widely recognized as a revolutionary figure in comics, and one of the most influential French contributors to the emergence of comics for an adult audience. Giraud became most well-known under the pseudonym Mobius, which he adopted at the age of 20. His famous sci-fi comics include “Arzach” and “The Airtight Garage […]