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10 Questions with Zach Madere

Zach Madere is a California-based artist featured in our current show, ‘Pixel Palette: The Art of Digital Painting.’ Here he talks about his studio habits, tricks, and inspirations both at the office and at home. 1. Did you aspire to be an artist, or did you fall in love with making art? I aspired to […]

Four questions with Em Borjon

Em Borjon is one of 15 artists participating in ‘Pixel Palette: The Art of Digital Painting,’ which opened March 3rd and runs through April 2nd. ‘Pixel Palette’ aims to highlight the variety that can be achieved through the digital medium– the works are connected in many ways but each artist creates something wholly unique and in a distinct style. […]

Six Questions with… Sarah Winkler

Sarah Winkler, whose new work is featured in Gallery 101 for her solo show ‘Formations: The Constructed Landscape,’ came to our attention about a year ago when she inquired about studio space at Helikon. Sarah quickly became a vital and vibrant member of the Helikon community, constantly at work in her studio and clearly making […]

Six Questions with… Naomi Haverland

Our upcoming show “The New Masters of Dada” features the work of local artist Naomi Haverland. You may know Naomi for her large-scale chalk work or her mural “My Name is Awsum” at 15th and California downtown. Here Naomi talks about the origin of this painting series, the frank advice she would give to her younger self, […]

Six Questions with… Kaitlin Ziesmer

Next week marks the opening of our July exhibition, Electropop: new works by Kaitlin Ziesmer and Robin 1000. Both artists are incredibly prolific, filling the gallery with an electric retro-contemporary energy of solo works and select collaborations. We had a chance to ask Kaitlin a few questions about her art and life; below, read about what she would tell […]

Five Questions with… Patrick Loehr

Our current exhibition, Grimm: Visions of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, is still on view in the main gallery through July 11, with Strange Conversations in Gallery 101; if you weren’t able to make it to the First Friday reception in June, come out next Friday, July 3rd from 6-10pm. In conjunction with the show, we […]

Five Questions with… Wylie Beckert

Helikon is currently exhibiting two simultaneous shows: “Grimm: Visions of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales” in the main gallery, and “Strange Conversations” in the tandem Gallery 101. In conjunction with the shows, we’ve asked participating artists to answer a few questions about their art and life. We have been swooning over Maine-based illustrator Wylie Beckert’s work for […]