Artist Statement from “Comfort in the Night,” most recently shown at the Colorado Impact Fund

Over this past year, we added a member to our family and our pre-verbal toddler became a verbal two-year-old/teenager. When I put them to bed, I often think about what will give these two boys comfort in the night as they grow and wrestle with their identities and their places in the world. Will they get comfort from us, their parents? Will they get it from struggles endured and won? From faith? From systems of justice, education and the like that are organized to protect and bolster them throughout their lives? As I have asked these questions over the past year I have also witnessed issues of race and class play through our communities and our nation. I have been reflecting and struggling with how these very systems that will bring comfort to my boys can bring anxiety and pain to the lives of many others.

This series is my attempt to deal with my boys growing up, the struggle to provide them with comfort in the night and, yes, with these multiple truths about how systems designed to protect and bolster can also oppress and diminish.

The pieces in the series are mixed media. Many have as a base photos taken in North Denver, not far from where we live. Layered on top are oil paints, pencil, pen, spray-paint, charcoal, magic marker, tape, paper and glue. It’s important to me that the viewer quickly access and engage the works so the pieces are rough, tactile, messy, with visual clues, languages, and identifiable references.

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