Born in the county of Sussex, England, Melinda Kern moved to Denver, Colorado in 2010 after completing her tertiary education in the UK. Kern received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2013, honored as Valedictorian, from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Presently, Kern lives and works in the city of Denver, producing work for commissions and local exhibitions. She has featured her work in group shows, including Stock at Hinterland Art Space in 2013, and Denizen III at Helikon Gallery in 2015, both in Denver, Colorado.

Working in oil and acrylic, Kern uses both male and female subjects to explore the dichotomy between mankind and the environment. The physicality of the figures is exaggerated by energetic brush strokes and is emphasized against their natural and ephemeral settings. Layers of bold color make up complex backgrounds that cause question within the viewer’s expectations. Interested in the way the environment is a direct reflection of the people within it, Kern seeks to rejoin these two very different worlds, biomorphic and synthetic, in a balanced way.

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