Afro Triangle is dedicated to beautiful art. “Every design is my own creation, from the t-shirts to the fine art. I started this company back in 2009 with a simple Facebook page to showcase my work” says Adri. That page has expanded into a presence on just about every social media platform, art shows and festivals around the city and live painting performances at public and private events.

Adri is an artist who literally exudes happiness when she is doing what she loves to do most. “I paint pretty pictures,” is the way she describes it. Like many artists, she has dabbled, and excelled, in various media including jewelry, T-shirts, acrylic, and pen and ink. However, in recent years she has focused on fine-tuning her watercolor skills and creating an eclectic body of work. She often uses the medium in unexpected ways leading many viewers to exclaim, “how did you do THAT with watercolor?” Adri’s passion shines through her unmistakable smile and her ability to enliven her portraits with joy and expression makes her work perfect for any venue.

Adri was born in Barbados, moved to New York at age five, then to New Mexico at age twelve where she lived on the United World College campus. After one year of studying abroad in Italy, playing more soccer than doing homework, she joined the Marine Corps. Throughout all these adventures, she remained loyal to her sketch book, educating herself and exploring a multitude of techniques. After 5 years in the Marines she was more clear than ever that she wanted to make art her career and moved to Denver to attend the Art Institute of Colorado. After graduating in 2008 she has worked diligently to make a name for herself in the Denver-Metro art scene.

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