In the past year, my art practice has been evolving from a focus on digital, high-fantasy art into a new direction. My digital work, while fantasy-based, also incorporated subtle hints of other themes that deeply interest me. Now my work is heading into a more raw, honest, exploitative direction through the kind mentor-ship of numerous artists (including Edward Kinsella, John English, George Pratt, and Sterling Hundley) as well as through my own inner voice. 

My work often reflects upon poetic language and symbolism, such as “beautiful sadness.” I also tap into astrology, the occult, and ancient practices from different cultures around the world. My subjects are most often women, frequently appearing magical, nude, or ethereal. I sometimes anthropomorphize my characters, and occasionally draw male characters. I also have a deep affinity for nature and all that grows green– I like to incorporate nature and our oneness with the earth into my work.

More recently my practice has incorporated more mixed media, these days gravitating towards oils, acrylics, and gouache, but any medium is fair game. Experimenting and sketching is a regular and enjoyable part of my art practice. 

available works