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Helikon is home to over a dozen studio spaces on the second floor. Each studio is crafted to appeal to artists seeking a more professional setting to work in while still offering affordability.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the building and interact with artists who open their door while they work or during exhibit receptions and events. Selections of tenant artwork are exhibited in the hallways and are available to buy in person and online.


  • 24/7 keyed access to building
  • Fully enclosed spaces
  • 0% fee on sales out of studios
  • Customizable track lighting
  • Natural light in every space
  • Heating and A/C year-round
  • Free online portfolio
  • Free utilities and Wi-Fi
  • Kitchenette access
  • Artist Profiles posted on doors
  • Limited off street parking

We seek to foster a community of dedicated creatives – emerging and established – who pursue art as a career. Working in the presence of other like-minded artists nurtures creativity, inspiration, and motivation.

Joining the Helikon Community

If you are interested in studio space, send us a portfolio of your work and a profile about yourself and your experience. Availability of space is limited and curated.

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