Yellena James – Star, Branch, Spiral, Fan Book


In her new hands-on book from Rockport Publishers, artist/illustrator Yellena James collaborates with readers to sharpen their artistic eye while exploring the intersecting principles of design and nature. The many exercises within these pages can be completed by people of all skill levels, from fans of art who enjoy taking part in the process, students who are looking for ways to sharpen their skills, or advanced artists who are looking for inspiration to expand their range in an organic way.
This book is more of a sketchbook than a textbook. The main goal is to inspire you to create, and have you learn through the process of creating. Using these four unique shapes: Stars, Branches, Spirals and Fans, you will examine and expound upon some of nature’s most magical creations. With pens, pencils or brushes in hand, you will use these fundamental shapes to create your own natural forms, and using core elements of design and nature, you will bring your creations to life.

Product details
Flexibound: 128 pages
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Language: English
Dimensions: 8 x 9.2 x 0.5