Jeff Soto’s Storm Clouds – Standard Edition

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Jeff Soto’s, second installment, “Storm Clouds,” features paintings that evolve beyond the robotic characters featured in the sold out, “Potato Stamp Dreams.” “Storm Clouds” captures new painted territory that record Jeff’s concerns for the well being of his family, the fragile condition of politics, the changing forces of nature and moments for personal exploration and experimentation. This hard cover volume features 154 pages, specialty printing techniques and over 264 high-quality, full color images. Featured commentary provided by David Choe (X-rated, that’s how we like it), Peter Frank (Senior Curator of Riverside Art Museum), Jeff Soto and Mark Murphy. Riverside Art Museum and the James Irvine Foundation provided initial support, as they will be featuring Jeff in his first museum show in December of 2008.

Jeff Soto “Storm Clouds” : 8″ x 10″ : Portrait Size : Hard Cover : 154 Pages