Innate Tapestries: The Endless Stage – The Art of Tom Sarmo (Softcover Book)


For the first time ever, Tom Sarmo’s artwork is available in a limited edition 96 page full color book, signed and numbered by the artist. Included are 136 paintings and sketches detailing Tom’s artistic process and technique. For a limited time through July 22, the book can be ordered with bonus card and print sets.

About the Book:
From the mind of Tom Sarmo comes Innate Tapestries: The Endless Stage, a collection of character-driven art inspired by the old and new.

The theater’s stage begins and ends at the imagination in this 96 page treasury of paintings, drawings, sketches, and process work spanning 3 years. Tom’s distinct style of art casts a suite of lively characters, from the familiar to the fantastic, inhabiting lusciously illustrated settings with a unique, humorous magic. This unprecedented collection of artwork represents the first major retrospective of Sarmo’s beloved artwork.