Imagery From The Birds Home


Bill Carman’s art is a strange journey of texture, mystery and potential narrative. Using a word, a simple color palette, a moment or nostalgic theme as inspiration, Carman seeks a new discovery with each original work. His head is constantly being filled with the “stuff” of daily life that, after blending in his mind, is released as if by pressure valve in the form of artwork.

Imagery from the Bird’s Home showcases sketches and drawings but mostly paintings for commissions, galleries and personal work. These works reflect his unadulterated voice. This collection was designed by Carman to best infuse his creativity into the placement and framing of his pictures. His intent has been preserved through his guiding hands, making this book a true extension of the artist. Captions and sketchbook accents by Carman further enhance this look into his visual world.

Bill Carman is in a constant state of exploration. To him, being an artist is a lifestyle—not a career—as the creation of each new piece includes and is interwoven with his real-world experiences. Carman experiments incessantly and thinks of his paintings as evidence of an ongoing journey rather than an end result. Exhibiting a unique combination of surface, medium and mark-making, he brings a strangely captivating mix of the organic and inorganic in creating a personal symbolism. Carman employs the juxtaposition of seemingly random things and experiences to form exciting original works.