Figures. Faces. Fantasies. (Hardcover)


An exhaustive collection of works from Thomas Haller Buchanan’s 40+ year career, ‘Figures. Faces. Fantasies.’ is loaded with Thom’s artwork, his thoughts on art, his process, and the many varied subjects he has covered over the years. His lifelike portraiture and figurative art has been featured in publications, museums, and galleries. This book is the first time Haller Buchanan’s work has been published in a single collection, brought into reality by crowdfunding through Kickstarter.


This is the limited edition hardcover version of ‘Figures. Faces. Fantasies.’


Faces.Figures.Fantasies. The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan
96 page 12” x 9” full color hardcover book
ISBN 978-0-9963104-1-3

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