American Illustration 35

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For over 30 years, American Illustration has gathered a group of art and design experts to review work produced over the past year and select the best pieces to celebrate, honor and preserve a powerful art form that can be as unmindfully ubiquitous (and disposable) as what’s seen on a cereal box, but can often help change the world.

American Illustration 35 spares no expense in presenting the winning artists and their works in a deluxe, hardcover tome, luxuriously printed and bound this year in a gilded, die-cut slipcase box. An original, wraparound cover depicting a dystopian society fueled by ideological fear and bigotry displayed in an imagined scene with a demagogue firebrand rising to power was created by illustrator and comic book artist Benjamin Marra. American Illustration 35 is under the creative direction and design of Matt Dorfman, illustrator and art director for the New York Times Book Review.

Physical Info: 2.0″ H x 12.5″ L x 9.6″ W (5.85 lbs) 384 pages

ISBN: 1886212457

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