The Endless Stage
The Art of Tom Sarmo

June 14 – July 22, 2017

Reality is often the palette of fiction; fantasy is often the reflection of our own lives, as they are and as we wish they were. In a sense, the theater ends only where imagination allows it.

From the mind of Tom Sarmo comes The Endless Stage, a solo exhibit of character-driven artwork created over the last three years which straddles the boundaries of illustration and fine art, history and modernity, humor and introspection.

Sarmo’s work has garnered a beloved reputation for its unique aesthetic and peculiar interpretations of his ever expanding cast of characters, critters, and settings. The work includes curious animals anthropomorphized into potent personalities, creatures friendly and unsettled that seem to have emerged from the fey forests of folk mythology, and lavishly illustrated borders that both contain and expand each artwork into a story told at a glance.

The Endless Stage is an examination of the subtle, theatrical undercurrents which drive our humanity. In Sarmo’s mind, we all play characters in a world without limitations, exaggerated as if to fulfill a role in a grand story stretching across time and culture, inhabiting wondrous worlds that see the magical in the mundane. People are envisioned as lovable birds dressed in three piece suits, grumpy gnomes strolling paths of greenery, peculiar witches and wizards with otherworldly companions, each bending and contorting as if peering through a lens to another world.

There’s a carefully measured innocence in Tom’s work that blends elements inspired by everything from the middle ages and turn of the century Victorian stylings with Muppet-like creatures and unusual takes on landscapes which evoke unexpected, intuitive fairy tales told in paint and ink.

Each day, the show continues, the setting expands, and new characters make their entrances and exits on The Endless Stage.

Receptions: Opening Reception, June 14 (6-10pm); First Friday Artwalk, July 7 (6-10pm). All receptions are free and open to the public including complimentary food and beverage.

Limited Edition 96 Page Book

Launching alongside the exhibit is a limited edition 96 page treasury of Tom’s work from the last 3 years. ‘Innate Tapestries: The Endless Stage’ features luscious, full color paintings, drawings, sketches, and process work covering much of the art featured in the exhibit as well as recent classics. Tom is offering the first edition signed and numbered, make sure to pick up your copy before they run out!

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About Tom sarmo

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Tom owns–and works in–the Cranky Bird Studio.

Tom has illustrated professionally for 30 years with work appearing in a variety of children’s books and publications, merchandise, and in character design for animated film. His gallery work is in collections across the United States and in Europe.

Tom is passionate about nearly all art, but most particularly the creative, illustrative type.
He works in a variety of media, and his subject matter is fed by interests that include Romantic and Victorian Literature, 19th century and medieval subjects, history, the sciences, hand-drawn animated film, and almost all types of music.

Dedicated to sharing knowledge, Tom often provides workshops and presentations on illustration techniques.

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Opening Reception
Wed, June 14, 6-10pm

First Friday Artwalk
July 7, 6-10pm

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