Join us for our first-ever Shop Showcase, a new program in our retail space that devotes a large area to the works of a single artist.

Kaitlin Ziesmer has previously shown with Helikon in her duo exhibit with Robin 1000, “Electropop,” and in a number of group shows including “Muses of Mount Helikon II” and “Screenplay.” Her work is well-known around Denver and has been exhibited across the United States.

This Feature includes an array of small, affordable original paintings from her ‘Suggestive Succulents’ series as well as special offers on her collection of prints.


Born a Colorado native. Raised as an honorary Texan. Kaitlin Ziesmer ventured back to the mountains to attend Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in the BFA program with a focus on drawing and painting. She continues to live and work as a freelance artist in Denver. She has been featured in several exhibitions around Denver, as well as some

On Her Work & Process:
“I like having a very clean, cut and paste approach to imagery. In my work, it’s so fun focusing on recognizable characters from popular culture. People have such a positive and nostalgic response to them…often following up with a response of a suggestion on what I should do next. It really creates a dialogue, and there’s something so gratifying being able to make things that you know your friends will dig. Repurposing them into this new, often female body, is my way of injecting myself into it all…quite literally because I’m using myself as the model ninety percent of the time.

“Color choice is also a huge part of the work too, along with the selection of clothes. As far as a process, I often have one point of starting of…whether it’s the head I’ve been dying to paint, color palette, or specific piece of clothing; the rest of the pieces fall into place as I go. Between the playful color palette and the characters’ often standing still or relaxed posture, I’d like to think that it makes them approachable. Then the highlights of neon are what really brings the audience up close. Portraits are so personal, especially when they’re absurd and make you laugh. “
Instagram: @kaitlinziesmer
Facebook: /KaitlinZiesmerArt


November 3, 6-10pm

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December 2, 6-10pm

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Discounted prices on all in-stock prints from Kaitlin Ziesmer through December 10


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