Underneath is a solo exhibit by Denver-based artist Ryan Morse. With a deep affection for the human form and nature, Morse‘s paintings embrace the simplicity and elegance of visual beauty as an artistic concept in its own right. His work is a reminder of the fleeting and often unnoticed beauty that surrounds us in every moment, in a quick glance from another’s eyes, in the vibrant life of flowers and foliage, or amongst the lush designs of color and form that pervade the natural world. Eschewing the conventions of conceptual fine art, Morse‘s medium is the message, reveling in the emotive qualities of representational painting and drawing. In the artist’s words, “Beauty comes in many forms, and sometimes the simplest subjects contain the most admirable content.”


July 28, 6-10pm

First Friday
August 3, 6-10pm

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Shown simultaneously alongside Hometown Heroes in the main gallery.

Available Works (Coming Soon)

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Exhibit Imagery