MARCH 18 – APRIL 22, 2017

‘Process’ is an exhibit at Helikon Gallery coinciding with Denver’s popular city-wide event, the Month of Photography. Rather than a traditional photography exhibit, the show features artists from Colorado and abroad whose work uses photography as a means to an end rather than an end in itself – manipulation, alteration, and incorporation of photography in other media, such as painting, drawing, digital art, and collage. ‘Process’ focuses on mixed media and photographic elements as an illustration of the power and importance of photos in the artistic process of various art disciplines.

Our world is saturated in photographic imagery, from television and film to the ubiquitous social media platforms we’ve become accustomed to. In some ways, the photo has gradually come to be seen as a disposable commodity, meant to be seen for a short time and then be forgotten. ‘Process’ aims to recontextualize the viewer’s preconception of photography and highlight how photos can be the basis of other forms of visual art, whether as the mixed-media foundation or references for a painting, the components of a traditional collage, or even as a medium in the creation of digital artwork. Photos are an invaluable tool to the modern artist, informing the way we see the world, serving as reference for representational artwork, and helping to guide the future of contemporary art.


Anitra Isler
Corianne Wells
Curt Bean
Daisy Patton
Emma Abad
Jessica Wohl
Jinsil Lee
Karen Fisher
Lori Chung
Manny Robertson
Nicki Crock
Patrick Loehr
Peter Yumi
Stacey Page
Vinni Alfonso
Will Lee-Ashley

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