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 Nicole Grosjean



JUNE 2 – 26, 2016

Mythology is an essential foundation of all human culture, stretching back to our species’ dimmest memories while continuing to make impressions on contemporary art, philosophy, pop culture, and religion. It is the method by which our ancestors shared and preserved their understandings of nature, morality, time, and purpose. The interplay of deities and mortals is a central concern of mythology, at times serving as cautionary tales warning against hubris, ego, and emotion, and at other times serving as explanatory tales of social traditions, biological origins, and the supernatural.

The word ‘mythos’ encapsulates the idea of recurring structures and motifs we find in global mythology and the repetition of these symbols in our own literature. This exhibit encourages unique interpretations of classical myths, characters, creatures, and concepts. By continually rediscovering global mythology, we can identify the core of human nature and civilization, but also where our modern lives and cultures diverge from the past. These stories of old have new lessons to teach us yet.



June 2, 6-10pm

First Friday
June 3, 6-10pm

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