George Pratt & Felipe Echevarria

May 3 – June 3, 2017

Two highly notable artists of illustration and the figurative arts come together in ‘Harmonie,’ an exhibit featuring the intersection of styles and sensibilities between the figurative paintings of George Pratt and Felipe Echevarria. Ranging from watercolor, oil, pastel, and other traditional media, this body of work examines the beauty and mystery of the human figure. On the whole, ‘Harmonie’ is composed of aesthetic reflections on figurative expression, exploring the evocative power of color, texture, design, and style as harmonious parts of a single emotional and visual vocabulary.

Pratt’s work ranges from vivid realism to contemplative explorations in mark-making and composition, where Echevarria’s work embraces a strong illustrative intuition for the figure that speaks in an elegant simplicity of color and design. Their work in ‘Harmonie’ runs the gamut of figurative expressions which ultimately reveals the underappreciated complexity of figurative art in modern times – they transcend the image and become thoughtful conduits to the humanity of their subjects.

Receptions: Artwalk Reception, Friday, May 5 (6-10pm); Artist Reception, Saturday, May 13 (6-10pm). All receptions are free and open to the public, including complimentary food and drink with limited off street parking.

Demo: The artists will hold a joint demo of figurative techniques from life in the afternoon before the Artist Reception from 1-5pm on Saturday, May 13. Seating will be provided for as many as 50 visitors, provided on a first come, first served basis.


George Pratt is an award-winning painter, writer, photographer. His work is in numerous private collections world wide. He is a recipient of the Eisner Award for his graphic novels, a Spectrum Gold Medal, and Best Feature Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival for the documentary film “See You In Hell, Blind Boy”.

George was honored to be included in Walt Reed’s book The Illustrator in America 1860 – 2000. He was also awarded a Gold Medal in the Spectrum Awards of 2002 and has had his work exhibited many times at the Society of Illustrators in New York.

In addition to his gallery work, he is currently working on the International Black Light Project on the genocide in West Africa, his blues novel, See You In Hell, Blind Boy, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream from Locust Moon Press, and Above the Dreamless Dead from First Second books.

He teaches full-time at the Ringling College of Art and Design, and summers with the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, Mo.

More work and information is available at www.georgepratt.com.

ABOUT Felipe Echevarria

Felipe Echevarria is an American artist working in triple arenas of fine art, illustration, and comics & graphic novels. His best known works are the watercolor comics adaptation of the Hitchcock film PSYCHO, the underground Sandman Death paintings collection entitled ANKH, the SPEARWOMEN sketchbook, and his incorporation of spirituality and metaphysics in both his fine art and upcoming comic art projects.

In the works are two highly original ventures:  KLOON, a colorfully illustrated coming-of-age drama told during the Turn of the Century Paris circus scene; and DEATH FROM ABOVE, a hand-painted metaphysical graphic novel revealing the true spiritual nature of death and life, where the reader takes a walk with Death through the landscapes of their own psyche as she reveals how to overcome the fear of death.

Felipe lives and works in Loveland, Colorado.

More work and information is available at www.felipeechevarria.com.


First Friday
May 5, 6-10pm

Artist Reception
May 13, 6-10pm

First Friday
June 2, 6-10pm

Press Release (PDF) Press Kit

Join us for a free demonstration of George and Felipe’s drawing and painting techniques working off a live model. Seating is limited and provided on a first come first served basis.


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