John Van Horn

October 6 – December 16

The final Shop Showcase for 2017 is a collection of artwork by Helikon studio artist John Van Horn, opening Friday, October 6 from 6-10pm.

“Goodnight Sweet Prince” features dozens of original paintings, clayboards, and mixed media works alongside a selection of prints.

The artwork in “Goodnight Sweet Prince” is an exploration of medium and technique, with the intention of conveying mood rather than fully-formed concepts, encouraging viewers to read their own meaning into the work. John often presents melancholic imagery in contrast with a deliberate sense of humorous absurdity, poking fun at sorrow, adversity, and misfortune as a form of catharsis. In some cases, the work is purely visual experimentation, drawing influence from John’s interest in science fiction, comic books, and film.

Check out John’s profile on our website’s studio directory or send us a DM or email for a preview of work. Reception is free and hosted alongside Dreamlogic in the main gallery.

ABOUT John Van Horn

John Van Horn was born in Colorado and currently works as a studio artist at Helikon. His art is primarily painting and drawing, focusing on illustrative portraiture, figurative work, and imaginative themes.  When he isn’t working in the studio, John is an avid book reader, film watcher, and fan of graphic novels.


October 6, 6-10pm

First Friday
November 3, 6-10pm

First Friday
December 1, 6-10pm

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