FEBRUARY 1 – MARCH 3, 2018

Denver-based artist John Vogl presents his first solo exhibit with Helikon. Gazes is a collection of gestural, expressive portraiture that both breaks away from the themes in Vogl’s well-known commercial illustrations while simultaneously embracing the color and design sensibilities his work is known for. Composed of dozens of small to medium scale prints of digital paintings, Gazes offers a broad swathe of affordable artwork that embraces a new, experimental aesthetic that will please new and established collectors alike.


John Vogl is a freelance illustrator living in Denver by way of St. Louis. After studying graphic design at Drake University and a brief career in advertising, John has spent the last decade creating illustrations for screen printed concert posters, print & editorial, package & apparel design, as well as self-releasing a myriad of screen prints. His work continues to evolve from traditional practices and printing his own prints by hand, to a mix of digital and traditional approaches. While flora and fauna are familiar mainstays in his work, Gazes is a deliberate shift in subject matter and approach for John in an attempt to explore, refresh, and strengthen his work. 


February 1, 6-10pm

First Friday
February 2, 6-10pm

First Friday
March 2, 6-10pm

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Shown simultaneously alongside Pixel Palette II in the main gallery

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