Caelum is composed of work by Erica Williams from 2017-2019 including original ink drawings, paintings, silk screens, and intaglio prints. Caelum means the “engravers’ chisel” or a faint constellation in the southern sky or in latin, “sky, heaven, atmosphere”. 

Born under the sign of Sagittarius, she strives to aim her pen, as a bow, toward the world and strike the heart. Creating a sense of awe and otherworldliness where the spiritual world melds into the physical, engulfing you in a sense of being out of place, yet at peace. Nothing, and yet everything, is alive and just outside of the real. An ephemeral step into the world of spirits and lore pulled together by small strings and the strokes of a pen. Pierced by arrows. Adorned in funeral attire. A parade of guardian deities, demons, and lost souls traverse a path into a faint corner of the sky, wandering into the darkness. 
Erica Williams is an illustrator and occultist born in the south, before moving to Colorado were she grew up looking into the night sky. Her interest in the occult arts, lore, mysticism, archery, and the natural world come together with intricate detailing in her traditional art and printmaking. She never felt she was born with the unique qualities that seemed required around her, so she endeavored as much as she could to break free of her innate “faintness” to become one of the shining stars she loves. 


All receptions are free and open to the public

Saturday, September 28, 6-10pm

First Friday
1st Friday, October 4, 6-10pm

First Friday
1st Friday, November 1, 6-10pm

Erica Williams: Caelum is shown alongside Tina Jiang’s solo exhibit Ancient World.

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