September 9 – October 21, 2017

Mysterious images, visions in the dark, surreal narratives… dreams are an ever-flowing source of reflection and inspiration that can range from the absurd and comical to the profound or frightening.

‘Dream Logic’ is the concept that the bizarre content of a dream makes some kind of sense while the dreamer is in the vision, but often breaks down once the dreamer awakens. It can be difficult to explain an experience in a dream because words often fail to encapsulate the feelings and thoughts that seemed clear at the time. The clarity blurs into obscurity, while the images are fleeting and eventually forgotten.


Michael dandley
Janelle W. Anderson
zoe williams
ilya shkipin
Naomi VanDoren
joshua charles hart
kristina carroll
maggie ivy
a.m. sartor
julia griffin
sean xenos
esther SARAH kim
corinne reid
brian britigan
john van horn
zach meyer
dylan griffith
Thomas A. Gieseke
jacqueline tam
james lipnickas
jackson dryden


September 9, 6-10pm

First Friday
October 6, 6-10pm

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