Life painting and drawing is a classic art exercise intended to build one’s observational art skills through practice. A live model holds a nude or costumed pose for the entire session, allowing artists ample time to create drawings, paintings, sketches, or studies at their own pace. 

We offer only uninstructed long pose sessions alternating weekly between nude, partially nude, and clothed or costumed. Artists of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcomed, whether you’re a first timer, an experienced artist, or someone who’s done life painting in the past but is feeling a bit rusty. The goal is not to flaunt your skills, but rather to build your skills by challenging yourself.


Bring your supplies of preference, whether it’s small scale sketching, canvas and brush, or digital media. Entry is just $7, and the rest is up to you! You can stay in one spot all night and work on a polished drawing or painting, or you can move around and study the model from different angles. Please keep in mind that every session is first come, first served. Arrive early if you want to secure an ideal spot for the night.

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Interested in Modeling?

We are always looking for new models who want to pose for our program. Sessions are scheduled in advance, so if you’re interested, email us and tell us a bit about yourself. Experience is a plus but is not required. Posing nude is entirely optional, we’re especially interested in models with unique clothing and costumes. Reach out today and we can give you more information on our pay rate, available scheduling, and policies.