Happening this week… (a list of openings and other art events)

We aren’t the only gallery in town hosting an opening this week/end.  There are quite a few art events happening around Denver.  Check out what else is going on! Pictured: Xi Zhang (image from westword.com)   Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Helikon Gallery & Studios presents “Contemporary Fiber” City of Lakewood presents “Reclamation & Nature’s Transformers Art […]

Artist As Brand Workshop – Interview with Greg Spalenka

Helikon is proud to host the acclaimed Artist As Brand Workshop® with Greg Spalenka from June 11th to the 12th. This intensive, 20 hour workshop details how artists can turn their struggling art business into a prosperous career by utilizing Greg’s easy to understand marketing strategies. The class is limited to 20 participants so that […]

20 Questions with… Justin Ankenbauer

Justin Ankenbauer’s painting are host to splendid manipulations of paint.  Thick, gestural applications of acrylic mingle with strategic negative voids in his work.  We asked Justin 20 Questions recently and we are excited to share his answers: 1.  What is your earliest memory? My chronology fails me, and I think a delightful experiences that I can […]

20 Questions with… Melanie Pruitt

Melanie Pruitt’s ink drawings are breathtaking.  She uses a variety of mark-making techniques to create fluid, organic representations of the world around her.  Melanie’s delicate control has allowed her to manipulate our perceptions of the familiar human form. We asked Melanie to answer 20 questions about her art and life, here they are:         1.  […]