Six Questions with Andrés del Valle, aka Kalegiro

Originally from Mexico City, illustrator Kalegiro first connected with Helikon last year for Peopled Places. Since then, he became a member of the studio community here, continuing to create traditional and digital illustrations and now expanding into animation. Several of his pieces are currently featured in our main gallery show, Hometown Heroes. Below, meet Kalegiro […]

Fifteen Questions with Elena Gunderson

If you’ve followed Helikon’s shows the past few years, you’ve likely come across the work of Elena Gunderson. The artist’s work, similar to the artist herself, is hard to miss– bubbly, intensely saturated, and often a little zany. We’re excited to host her in our newest show, Hometown Heroes, a showcase of high-level and emerging […]

Five Questions with Aya Kakeda

Aya Kakeda is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, ceramicist, and educator whose work is currently featured in our show ‘Spectra.’ Originally from Tokyo, Aya’s work is whimsical and humorous, packed with colorful details that reveal the artist’s endless imagination. This is our first time getting to work with Aya– check out her work in the show through […]

PRESS RELEASE: Kaitlin Ziesmer – XOXO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘XOXO’ Press Release Contact: Cayce Goldberg (Gallery Director) 3675 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80216 720-502-5635 XOXO: New Works by Kaitlin Ziesmer On view June 9 – July 21, 2018 About XOXO: Helikon Gallery is pleased to welcome back local favorite Kaitlin Ziesmer for a solo show in June 2018. The exhibit […]

PRESS RELEASE: Nerd Out: A Pop Culture Art Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘NERD OUT’ Press Release Contact: Cayce Goldberg (Gallery Director) 3675 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80216 720-502-5635 Nerd Out: A Pop Culture Art Show On view June 9 – July 21, 2018 About NERD OUT: Helikon Gallery is pleased to present Nerd Out!, a group exhibit that brings together artists from across […]

Fifteen Questions with Raymond Hwang

Raymond Hwang is a New York-based artist currently featured in Spectra, a group exhibit of artists whose work is strongly concerned with the power of color as a method for expressing emotive visual themes, narratives, and moods. Raymond’s vibrant, glowing works, part-abstract but always revealing various story lines upon deeper viewing, immediately stood out to […]

Fifteen Questions with Elliot Lang

Elliot Lang is a Denver-based illustrator whose work is currently featured in ‘Spectra,’ on view in the main gallery. Elliot has a versatile style that has lent itself perfectly to countless group exhibitions at Helikon over the years, but the artist also keeps busy freelancing for print publications nation-wide, designing ad campaigns and promotional materials […]

Five Questions with Daria Theodora

Daria Theodora is an illustrator and self-described “former voracious manga reader and forever reluctant scientist” whose work we’ve followed and admired for years. Her love of manga certainly comes through in the figures in her work, but there’s also a richness and complexity to each painting that demonstrates a mastery of composition, color, and design. […]