We regret to announce that this is the final year of operations for Helikon Gallery & Studios. Our property taxes have increased by nearly 300% and this one expense now exceeds the combined rent of every art studio in our building. We appealed the increase of this tax with the city but were unfortunately denied. As such, Helikon is shutting down at the end of 2019 with no immediate plans to continue the gallery after that point.

Despite our best efforts to maintain an accessible space and affordable studios for artists, we’re left with little choice but to increase rent to accommodate for this new expense. This puts the most of our studio community into a position that’s out of reach financially. Our facilities will gradually transition towards other uses by outside parties that can sustain the increased cost of business into 2020.

We’d like to extend a sincere thanks to every artist we’ve been lucky to work with over the last 6 years. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to exhibit so many excellent works of art and to host such a vibrant studio community. Having the chance to collaborate with artists that we’ve looked up to as true leaders in this genre, and in many cases to know as friends, has been an experience that we’ll always be grateful for. We hope for many more opportunities for all of you in the future.

To our studio community, we have deeply appreciated all the hard work you’ve done over these years in your spaces here. You have contributed immensely towards the positive reputation of Helikon and towards the credibility of Denver’s visual arts culture. The sheer amount of skill and vision that has come through these studios is astonishing to think back on. We eagerly anticipate great things for your future in whatever you pursue going forward.

And lastly, for all those who’ve been a part of our community as art lovers and patrons, we can’t thank you enough for the many years of joy and pride you’ve given us. From the support of collectors to the simple gestures of appreciation, it has been consistently humbling and served as the fuel for the fire that kept us running. We will always feel lucky to have contributed to Denver’s cultural landscape while this experiment lasted. 

We will remain open for the last First Fridays of our upcoming shows. The schedules for our final exhibits will be posted for the end of the year.

Thank you and goodbye!