Laura Bifano is a British Columbia-based artist featured in our current show ‘Peopled Places,’ in which her contribution to the show seems to merge the two words in the show’s title. Her piece is a gouache landscape painting titled “The Sisters,” depicting a grand mountain range in her signature geometric style, reminiscent of another Canadian artist, the pioneering modernist Lawren Harris. The influence of nature, specifically the northern landscape around her, is obvious throughout Bifano’s work. Her instagram is a trove of gorgeous plein air paintings done after sunrise hikes and afternoon dips in icy mountain water– one can practically feel the fresh, crisp northern breeze when looking at these works. Below, read more about Bifano’s connection to the surrounding landscape and how it influences her artistic practice.

  1. Do you have a “day job” outside of your art?

    I’m a background colourist in animation by day. Having the routine and stability of a studio job allows me some security.

  2. What does your perfect day look like?

    Hiking with my husband, maybe doing a bit of climbing, some plein air painting, followed by a dip in the lake and hamburgers and beer!

  3. What would you tell your younger self when you were first embarking on your artistic career?

    Don’t worry about what other people think– and pursue art that’s interesting to you.

  4. Who are some of your current influences or inspirations? Have they changed over time?

    I’ve been really into the work of AJ Casson lately. The lighting in his landscapes is unreal! As I get older, the idea of hiking out into remote places and taking inspiration from nature is becoming more and more appealing.

  5. How long do you usually take to complete a piece? Do you work on multiple pieces simultaneously?

    It usually takes me somewhere between 2-3 weeks to finish painting a pieces– starting from the rough sketch, colour comp to final. Just because of the size constraints of my studio, I work on one piece at a time.

  6. Do you use any unusual or “non-traditional” media in your work?

    In the last couple years I’ve been using my printer to do my transfers.

  7. What’s the most indispensable item in your studio?

    My french press coffee maker! And my portable easel! And my cintiq, and lastly, my printer.

  8. Do you listen to music/audio while you work or do you prefer to work in silence? Any bands or albums you’ve been enthralled by lately?

    The new Future Islands album is really good! I’ve been jamming out to that a lot lately.

  9. If you could travel to any place on earth tomorrow, where would you go?

    I’d go to the Dolomites in Italy with my climbing shoes and my painting supplies.

  10. What is something most people don’t know about you?

    I have an extra rib in my shoulder.

Thank you to Laura for participating in our interview! See her painting in ‘Peopled Places,’ on view Tue-Sat 12-6pm through September 2. To see more of Laura’s work, visit¬†

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