Opening tonight, Helikon Gallery presents new works by Denver-based artist Myah Mazcara at Deep Draft Brewing Company, curated by Annie Aqua.



From the curator:
Myah presents over 20 new works for this show, debuting a cohesive series that has been brewing for the past several months. Her small pieces, incorporating fine pen-and-ink drawings and candy colored paint washes, are at once playful and dark as they juxtapose objects and elements that are full of life with those that are completely devoid of it. Fitting into a larger body of work, this series evolves within the artist’s signature style of creating “noir scenes from a larger narrative.” Here the larger narrative begins to form as specific markers, in the form of celebrity hairstyles and clothing, are recognized. These are markers of a certain place and time, a particularly American culture that is further marked by cowboy hats, soft serve, and moonshine. By separating these specific elements from the faces and other reference points with which we expect them to be associated, they are granted a certain immortality, now able to exist in a time before and after their own lifetimes.



Myah's work in progress
Myah’s work in progress


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