This coming weekend, June 13-14, the Art Students League of Denver will hold its annual Summer Art Market, a two-day festival featuring 250 exhibiting artists, plus live music, kids art activities, and demos. This year, Helikon Gallery Director Cayce Goldberg has the honor of adjudicating the work and awarding Best in Show, Best Mastery of Media & Technique, Best Creative Interpretation, and Best Booth Presentation. As we get ready to kick off the summer with an art-filled weekend, here are some of our picks for artists to look for at the Art Market:

Jane Ford
Booth 48

Jane Ford, "Blu"
Jane Ford, “Blu”
Jane Ford, "Untitled"
Jane Ford, “Untitled”

Jane Ford has studied with local masters including Daniel Sprick, Quang Ho, and Andrea Kemp, and the influences certainly come through in her mastery of figure painting. Her works take on a soft aesthetic, almost like pastel drawings rather than paintings, in their edge quality and color blending. The details in pattern and texture lend Ford’s works a contemporary feel within her traditional subject matter.

Michael Dowling
Booth 10

Michael Dowling, "The Breath I Take"
Michael Dowling, “The Breath I Take”
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.01.37 PM
Michael Dowling “Untitled (Split Rock)”

Michael Dowling’s works stand out from many of those featured at the Art Market, which is heavy on traditional landscape, figurative, and still life painting. The subject matter of Dowling’s work comes less directly from life, minimal in its imagery and oftentimes comical in its juxtaposition of elements (for example, a cherubic figure hugging a buffalo, or a woman holding a swan above her head). There is also a juxtaposition of technique in many of Dowling’s works, some areas being carefully rendered while others are more sketchy, a few quick lines of charcoal echoing an image or evoking some other idea, contributing to their loose feel overall.

Anita Winter
Booth 2

Anita Winter, "In the Shadows"
Anita Winters, “In the Shadows”
Anita Winter, "Winter Canyons"
Anita Winters, “Winter Canyons”

The striking hues and mastery of color within light and shadow are what draw me to Anita Winter’s watercolor paintings. There is a carefulness in her balance of color and negative space, difficult to achieve with watercolor but perfectly executed here.

Mixed Media:
Ellie Rusinova
Booth 27

Ellie Rusinova, "The Bird Keeper"
Ellie Rusinova, “The Bird Keeper”
Ellie Rusinova, "Love Conquers All"
Ellie Rusinova, “Love Conquers All”

Half of the powerhouse art duo “The Mad Tatters,” Ellie Rusinova is a constant muse of ours at Helikon. Her work is currently featured in “Grimm: Visions of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales” at Helikon, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll be displaying in her booth.

Rob Watt
Booth 134


Rob Watt’s fiber works take on a unique style that reflects the artist’s background as a painter, with an attention to composition, color, and subject matter. The pieces lay at the intersection of painting and fiber, the overlap of the two mediums making them all the more intriguing.

Taiko Chandler
Booth 99



Taiko Chandler seeks inspiration from “patterns of creation and erosion” in nature, creating monotype prints which reflect nature’s unpredictability in their process of creation. The forms and textures Taiko achieves in her work, whether monotypes or other processes of printmaking, are a beautiful result of the artist’s hand and the uncontrollable nature of the medium.

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