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Helikon is proud to host the acclaimed Artist As Brand Workshop® with Greg Spalenka from June 11th to the 12th. This intensive, 20 hour workshop details how artists can turn their struggling art business into a prosperous career by utilizing Greg’s easy to understand marketing strategies. The class is limited to 20 participants so that each student can get personalized, one-on-one time with Greg. Plus, each student will leave with an Artist As Brand Workbook and will be invited to an exclusive group where the schooling continues after the program ends!

The workshop has traveled around the country to colleges, art institutions, and major events, including Spectrum Live, Gallery Nucleus in California, and the San Francisco Academy of Art College. Artist As Brand has received rave reviews from some phenomenal folks. Illustrator Todd Lockwood said the workshop provided him “with all the tools for success,” and that “it is invaluable. I highly recommend it.” You can read more testimonials on the Arist As Brand website, or browse the full site at Tickets are available directly from

Greg Spalenka
Greg Spalenka

We invited Greg to sit down for an interview about his work and the Artist As Brand workshop he’s developed.

1. Tell us a little bit about your own artistic journey – how did you start your career? Where has it led you?

My career started as a freelance artist in 1982 working for all the major magazines, newspapers and book publishers. I saw that world inside and out. Then I dove into concept design for film and worked on movies like, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Golden Compass, Escape From Planet Earth.

After working in those industries and comparing it to artists who were creating industries around themselves instead I realized it was time for a change. Now I focus on personal projects and work on building up my fan base which provides financial support.

2. Why did you create the Artist As Brand workshop?

I created the Artist As Brand Workshop to provide artists with a new paradigm of art career sustainability. Our educational system does not support or even mention the idea of using entrepreneurial models to build an artist’s career. The curriculum taught in colleges today focuses on plugging graduating students into existing industries, that are based on old business models in the first place.

I wanted to empower artists with the knowledge that they can make a living from their talent their way, by building a loyal group of collectors. How do yo do that? You build that financial support one fan at a time.

3. How long has Artist As Brand been around? What locations has it been to previously?

I started the first workshop five years ago at the Universidad de San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador. I have been to colleges around the US and have taught the principles to hundreds of artists. I have been invited to present one in Colombia in October. The Latin American crowd really gets it!

Art by Greg Spalenka
Art by Greg Spalenka

4. Who is likely to benefit from your workshop?

Any artist who wants to make income from their creations. I focus on visual artists but the principles will work for musicians, film makers, actors, dancers, etc.

5. What makes Artist As Brand a unique program?

It is the only class I know of that synergizes heart wisdom with entrepreneurial principles to manifest a blueprint that can sustain an art career for a lifetime.

6. The concept of “Artist As Brand” is intriguing, especially given that some artists resist marketing. Why does branding matter for artists?

Either your art is a hobby or it is a professional endeavor. If you are an artist who is serious about making a solid, consistent income from your talent then you must embrace the potential of your marketing mojo. Your brand is your purpose. You are simply bringing what you do best with your magnificent vision and introducing it to the people who are going to love you and pay you to keep going.

Art by Greg Spalenka
Art by Greg Spalenka

7. What advice would you give to passionate artists who are struggling to make a career out of their creativity?

First remember that you have something worthwhile to share with the world. In fact there is a group of people (could be thousands) out there waiting to experience your art. It is time to start connecting with these people. The workshop is designed to help you find them.

8. What common mistake do artists make early in their careers?

Not being clear as to their purpose. When I say purpose I don’t mean necessarily the purpose of their art, I mean the purpose of the their life. Once you are aligned with the heart of your purpose your art will manifest from this place too. The empowerment that comes from making art from this place is immense. This is the foundation that your art journey is based upon and what will sustain you long term. Rebooting this virtue and clarifying this important part of who you are is integral to the work we do in the class.

Special thanks to Greg Spalenka for taking the time to answer our questions. Remember, if you’d like to join the Artist As Brand workshop that tickets are currently available at $195. Click here if you’d like to reserve your slot in this excellent program!

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